• AusPack 2022


    Priority ERP, together with Priority Software and Loftware's NiceLabel, had a great time at AusPack in May 2022. It was a pleasure to meet everyone.

    Reach out to us at info@priorityerp.com if you need more information. Follow us on LinkedIn (@priority-erp-ptyltd) to keep abreast of our latest capabilities and achievements.

  • Version 22 Launched!

    Clean and modern interface

    The Priority Interface has been improved to include an enhanced customisation experience, and powerful business process automation capabilities.

    This version also includes new features in logistics, warehouse management (WMS), and financials (partial reconciliation, revenue recognition, payments).

  • Fully Integrated ERP

    Suitable for Distribution and Manufacturing businesses

    Priority software, the LOW COST, COMPREHENSIVE, ERP Business software suite from Priority-Software of Israel.

    Successfully implemented in more than 8,500 sites worldwide and supporting 200,000 users.

  • Rich features

    Multi-Platform Interface

    A scalable solution with a friendly, configurable and intuitive User Interface backed up with a complete set of user tools.

    Available on desktop and mobile devices.

    A rich experience provided via an HTML5, web enabled platform.

  • Designed for the SME

    Scalable from 5 to 100's of users

    Priority's scalable ERP software architecture and technology is second to none when compared to the leading integrated ERP software solutions of our industry.

    Our ability to expand Priority's functionality without compromising the integrated ERP solution has enabled Priority to suit a growing number of market segments.

    Priority for SMEs
  • Introducing NiceLabel

    Cloud-based Label Printing

    Priority ERP has partnered with Loftware to deliver the NiceLabel cloud-based label printing capability, either standalone or integrated with our ERP platform.


Priority for Manufacturing

Comprehensive ERP Production Management and Control – from the shop floor to the end-customer When it comes to manufacturing software, Priority understands your business needs. We proudly boast over 1,200 manufacturing customers from a wide range of vertical markets.

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Priority for Business

Comprehensive, robust solution for medium to large-sized companies with a focus on finance, logistics and HR. Providing a complete set of tools that integrate supply chain management across the entire organization, enabling you to reduce the overall costs associated with supplying goods and services.

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Modular integration

Priority modules are all fully integrated internally so as to provide a singular, comprehensive user experience. Every screen looks, feels and works the same.

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Priority is contantly developing with new technological advances. Using Priority's integrated toolset for developments means customers can benefit from the latest upgrades while maintaining their existing customisations.

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